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But, What's It All About?



This text, that you are about to read, is about a young man, who one day suddenly finds himself situated in Chaos, that is,

the World. Of course, he already has been there for a long time, he just hasn't paid it any attention. And now Chaos knocks

at his door fiercely and talks to him in a thousands of different tongues simultaneously. Of course,  the hero of our text,

is unable to make any sense out of IT, but he wants to know, he insists, he demands, to understand the surroundings into

which he has been thrown. So what he does, is that he buys himself a television set, not any of those old little black and white

televisions, oh no, he buys the latest you can get, state of the art, wide screen, digital, sound surround, stereo impact. 


And then he sits down in his apartment, ten stories above ground level, and he watch the images that comes

to him, and he allows the images to fill him up, perfectly still he sits there, constantly switching

channels, and the images that he see is wondrous, mysterious, miraculous, oraculous, he sees volcanoes

erupting, ice glaciers dissolving, stars being born, universes exploding and imploding, he sees the seven

heavens and the gate of hell, demons and angels and the face of god, he sees brother killing brother

killing father killing daughter killing husband killing wife, he sees infidelity and high fidelity and

lo fidelity and he sees sons fucking their mothers in the asses, he sees great sins unraveled and great

deeds done, he sees people, laughing, crying, dancing, smiling, swimming, diving, jumping, sleeping,

snorting, sneering and dippety dapp. He understands it all, and he is fascinated. 


And on the day of the month in the year he raises himself up from the stool, and he walks

down the stairs and he tell all the people that he meets about his visions, his televisions, but, of

course they dont listen, they have seen the same shows, so what he does, is that he finds a woman, and

he is making whoppy with her, and then nine months later he becomes the father of a son, and the holy

ghost yawns, and then he puts his son in front of the television set, by now it has become somewhat

old-fashioned, but so what, it still functions, and he tells his one and only begotten son, that every

tv-channel, every program, every commercial, each and every single frame is Chaos captured in its

unfolding, and if you can grasp that, you can grasp it all, yackety Jack, for wasn't it the great philosopher

of ancient Greece, Aristoteles, that said that human actions is taught through imitating the actions of

other humans, so this child, the son, the new hero of our play, was to become a mysterious, wondrous,

miraculous, oraculous. He knew it all, the life expectancy of a one-eyed koala bear, the time it takes

for a five legged zebra to cross the great river of Nile, across, all the entire blasphemic vocabulary of

a protestantic jew living in a youth hostel in lower Manhattan, the setting of the sun according to

reverend Mr. DeyLa Young, the total sum of, undivided, the colors of the rainbow, of the forest,

of the dearest ones that you love, that is to say, if you have the ability to love, and to be loved, the greatest gift of all.     


All this and more, he knew, and he was terrified, terrifically, far beyond human belief, so what he did,

was that he entered the book of the Worlds, and in there, he left one single sentence, “What's the point?”

And then his long dead dad popped up at the tv-screen, raising both of his arms, raising both of his middle

fingers, racing them together, up in front of his sons raging eyes, and then pointing them at the points at

the television screen and then he says to his son: 


-The colors, my good son, the vivid colors is the

point, the flashing images, the sound surround, stereo

impact, and if you look really close at the screen you

will see that there is not one single point, but

thousands of thousands different points, and thats the

point, because they amount to the point of the

visions, the televisions, the life like, the greater

than life like, the imitation of life, remember old

Aristoteles, everything has a beginning, a middle and

an end, but its a stream, a stream of the

unconcuisness, 24 hours a day, every day, every single

heart beat, every single heart beat, every single

heart beat, every single heart beat.


–But what's it all about? says the son. 


-Its about the spectacular, the fantastic, the

bombastic, its about the tragedies and the comedies,

all the hilarities, its about Chaos being captured in

its unfolding, but you must laugh about it, do you

remember the old laughing gnome, its about him, and

its about Plato, ideas manifested, and its about naked

women walking around doing nothing, its fantastic, and

you can just sit there doing nothing, well you could

always masturbate, or something, but you dont have to,

you get it, bastard son of bastard me, its about

choice, about free will, the will of power, the power

of love, about freeing this killer whale called Willy,

you get it? 


It’s a comedy and it’s a tragedy. And its spectacular,

and it’s fantastic, and it’s bombastic. Everything is

included, nothing is excluded, its about the death of

God, Nietzsche, you know about him, a crazy insane

bastard, like you, my bastard son of bastard me, and

its about this really intelligent dolphin that helps

people, rescues people, and its about this little boy

who  has no mother and no father, and he is really

tiny, so we cry a little bit, in the rain, and its

about flowers that grow, you can watch it in fast

motion, and its about some people getting laid, and

others not, and that the persons that dont get laid go

out on the street and then they kill somebody

innocent, and its about these people at an hospital

that gives surgery to people that has been shot, and

sometimes, my good son, in fact, quite often, they

perform miracles, and its fantastic, and we become

happy, because they show us that it is hope, Chicago

hope, and its about elephants in labour pains, and

about how they walk away to this graveyard, but nobody

knows where it is, its a mystery, a puzzle that has to

be solved, and to do that there are these really great

detectives, some of them are really sarcastic, and

others very eccentric, and they solve all these

mysterious puzzles, and that is what its all about,

about solving the puzzles, putting pieces together,

adding and subtracting, piece by piece, and its about

peaches on sale, and about hanging out on the beach,

about creating peace, and about being pleased, my

bastard son of bastard me, come on, please.


-But, what's it all about?


Its a comedy and its a tragedy, its Chaos captured in

its unfolding, everything is included, nothing is

excluded, its Sigmund Freud, you know him, the guy

with the beard, its about interpreting the

unconsciousness, it's about dreams, Mr. Ed, the talking

horse, the three stooges, the three stages, the anal,

the oral and the third, its Snow White and the seven

dwarfs, and its Karl Marx and the Marx brothers. 


Its a comedy and its a tragedy, and its extremely

dramatic, people jump out from cliffs and cars and

bridges, and buildings that are collapsing because

they got hit by some airplanes that got hijacked by

some crazy arabs, and its music, sweet music, the

Rolling Stones, Tchaikovsky, Britney Spears, really

lovely girl, very sexy, and then its the king, Elvis,

all the great ones, and all the little ones too,

no-one is excluded, everybody is included, for fifteen

minutes, that counts for you also my son, you are

going to become famous, and then, NEWSFLASH, the

latest news, every hour of every day of every second,

remember the heartbeat, ka dong ka dong ka dong, its

so real, so unreal, the night of the living dead, and

so surreal, its about kings and queens, and about what

they do, all their travels to exotic places, like

Oslo, or Barcelona or Cape Town, or where-ever, you

never know where they will show up next, it could be

right here, and its about how they get divorced and

about how they perish in car crashes in Paris, and

they become icons and will live forever, its about

death not being the end, you can fly, like Peter Pan,

seeing is believing, the truth is out there, the

x-files, a new episode will follow, we are being

amused, with the latest, updates, comments, behind the

scenes, interviews, scandals, its about murderes on

the loose, my son, murderers, and its about Rudolph

Murdoch, he died, its about what comes up must come

down, look at the stock market, my bastard son of

bastard me, its gonna crack, smack, whickety, zikk

zakk KA BOOM, KA BOOM, its all gonna explode, Lucy in

the sky with diamonds, but we are safe, we have the

best seats in the whole house, we are upfront where

everything is happening, when its happening, its a

happening, a big happening, it happens every year,

like the seasons, they do sequels, we can watch it all

fall down, and we can watch when they build it up

again, its fantastic, its ironic, its beyond words,

its about visions, Jesus out in the desert, about

being lost, paradise lost, its Milton, and its Dante,

and it’s Donald the Duck, quack, quack, quack.


-But, what is it all about?


-It’s about life in the suburbs, about being bored

utterly insane, that all is vain, it’s about being

situated behind locked doors, and about wether or not

there is life on mars, they are sending people out

there, you know, and its about tomorrows weather, come

sunshine, come rain, come snow, come hail, they can

predict that, its about the young and the reckless,

the bold and the beautiful, beauty and the beast, and

it is glamour, watch and learn, watch and yearn. And it’s

about people living out in the forest, but the forest

is disappearing, but they can move to the city, they

are building new towers now, it’s a big hole in the

sky, it’s about the fall of the Berlin wall, the

opening of borders, it’s about unification, the global

village, Marshall McLuhan, the medium is the message,

it’s all there, in the open, everything is open, it

never closes in upon us, its’ about always being

situated in the center, in the lead car, it never

closes in upon us, but, you must float, my bastard son

of bastard me, float, and it’s about people committing

suicides, and its about these two little squirrels

that are fooling this dog at Christmas day, it happens

every year, it’s about rituals, it’s about being, sein

und zeit, Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Heidegger, the world

worlds, war of the roses, it’s about a homicide and a

genocide, and the world war, the second, and a

third one coming up, real soon, and it’s gonna be a big

one, big explosions, big disasters, big performances,

big tears and a big bad wolf, and the three little

piggies, and everybody can watch, no discrimination,

we are all equal in the eyes of the beholder, that is

what it’s all about, we are being unified, do you get

it, my bastard son of bastard me? Do you get it? We

are being unified.


-But, what's it all about?

It’s Wagner, helicopters, Vietnam, Bruce Lee, the year

of the Dragon, it’s about moving around, without the

movement, and it’s about love, true love and romance,

true romance, candles burning in the heat of the

night, people meeting people, the old story about a

boy who meets a girl, but then there is trouble ahead,

but love is victorious despite everything, and then the

boy puts his thing inside the girls thing, it’s about

connections, about being connected, in the center, the

life source, they show it really close-up, and then

the girl start screaming because she likes it so much,

and she wants more, it’s about always wanting more, so

then the boy really give it to her, really hard and

everything, and just before it reaches the climax,

she starts sucking his firewire, and then the boy come

all over her face, and she is just one big smile, and

everything is being digitalized, broken up into bites

and bytes, all connections are possible, white

innocent looking Caucasian girls together with big

black strong men, tall proud South-Americans together

with shy little Chinese people, small sweet Japanese

girls together with huge Egyptian dogs, not to mention

what they do with the horses, oh man, they are

breeding bastards, it’s all about bastards, geeks and

freaks and tv-hosts, and everybody is just laying in

this huge pile moaning and screaming and putting their

thing inside where-ever, there are no limits, and they

are drinking urine, and eating each-others shit, it’s

a big orgy porgy going on, and everybody is so turned

on, and so excited, it’s about the big bang, colors

exploding, what you see is what you get, and the

pictures are crystal clear, do you get it? It’s about

fucking death. It’s about fucking God.


It’s a comedy and it’s a tragedy, it’s Chaos captured in

it’s unfolding, nothing is excluded, everything is

included, even batteries, and you can watch it frame

by frame, slow-motion, fast-motion, fast-rewind,

fast-forward, faster pussycat, faster, big dicks and

big vaginas and big assholes, everything is being

penetrated, no more black holes, my son, that’s what

it’s all about, no more black holes. Do you get it, my

bastard son of bastard me, do you get it?



And it’s about being cool, as cool as a cool, kitty

kitty, cat cat, can, can be, come on, bastard son of

bastard me, come on, you´re so slow, so slow, who the

hell was your mother, really, who was she, come on,

you tell me, what's it all about, what's it all about,

it’s about that fucking mother of yours, leaving us for

the dogs, come on, bastard son of bastard me, catch me

if you can, catcher in the rye, J. D. Salinger, you´ve

gotta catch them all, pikachu, it’s all about spoiled

little brats, like you, you are all spoiled little

brats, what's it all about, what's it all about, it’s

about letting all the demons out, to set loose the

hounds of hell, it’s about saying fuck you,


fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fuck you too, my bastard son of bastard me, fuck you  the whole fucking fucked up world, and fuck me too, pretty please with sugar on top,

it’s about... it’s about...  it’s about... 

i dont know what the fuck it’s all about, I just want to be loved and to

love, the greatest gift of all. Do you get it my

bastard son of bastard me? Do you get it? 


-I think so daddy. Can we watch the cartoons now?


-Sure we can, bastard son of bastard me, i think you

finally got it, great, let’s watch some cartoons.

En tekst av: Ole Mads Vevle

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